Gangster Way

Castilioni just hired a new guy, but everyone thinks that he is not ready for the big time. He was fortunate enough to given a chance to prove himself. For now, he is under supervision until he have proven himself. This is your chance to prove yourself. Don't let them down and prove that you are worthy of their trust.

You need to do different missions in this game and it all include shooting while driving a car. You would earn money every time you finish a level. Buy some upgrades as early as possible as you would need it soon. As you unlock some achievements, you would earn money and possibly gold. Like money, you an use the gold to purchase something, but it is something special. Every levels is different from the last time and so are the challenges that you need to do. Don't forget that you need fuel to play a mission, so make sure that you have enough for that mission. Your fuel accumulate each day, so just sit it out if you don't have enough fuel. You can also win some fuel through unlocking an achievement.

Hit the streets and make the other gang pay!!!
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Gangster Way