Kachra Gaadi

The kachra are scattered all over the road and they might cause some accidents if they aren’t collected. You need to collect them, while making sure that you won’t get an accident yourself. No one will do it, but you so you can’t rely on someone to do it for you. You can’t expect that there will be no other vehicles on the road except yours. The problem comes with it as they will serve as your obstacles. Once that you are hit by one of the vehicles then the game is over and you lose all the kachra you have collected.

The game is controlled via mouse. You can’t advance further than what you see on the screen, but you can make your car go faster. You would notice that the surroundings seem to be faster than before if you move your mouse forward. Anyway, you can move your mouse left or right to avoid being hit by any vehicle. You will be reported when you are hit and that is something that most Indian would not want to happen. You would also see the number of kachra you have collected. Sadly, you can’t claim those kachra once you lost them through accident.