Dora Vespa Adventure

Dora and Boots have been longtime friend and they have been through a lot so, they won’t leave one another just because they have a quarrel. They like the idea of sharing, though, they don’t’ have much, they would share anything that they own. Weather it is food or something else, you can bet on it that you can see them both enjoying it. Those two have been friends since they were young and would not separate lives just because of some difference. They would strive to work out their difference as they know that they can’t find a friend like one another. When Dora got her first scooter, she called her befriend and told him about what she had in mind. She wants both of them to experience the thrill of riding a motorbike in the jungle. A scooter is not powerful enough to go through anything and you would need power to drive you vehicle in the jungle. The road ahead is full of ups and downs and you would need some boost to get over the mountain path. Maybe, that is why Dora would want to bring her friend with her. Well, one thing is certain, riding a vehicle won’t be much fun without your best friend. In this game, the idea is to safely get to the finish line. You would need to go over those rough driveway. The road ahead would be rough to drive on since it is a mountain path and if you can’t control the vehicle well then there would be an accident. You need to overcome any obstacles blocking your way else, you won’t reach the finish line. Collect some bananas along the way you make your way to the finish line. If you think that this would be easy game then think again since this is just like any challenging that you have played before. If you won’t concentrate then there would be a chance that you can’t get to the finish line.