12 Wheeler Truck

You are the truck driver and you have been with the company for quite some time. For the company, you are an asset as you are able to do your job all the time with the highest satisfaction. They really love you because the delivery always goes smooth and they don't want any other drive to handle their delivery as they know that they got a good employee in you. Throughout the time you have been working with them, there isn't a single time that you disappoint them through your work. You know your stuff well and you are very responsible, which makes you a valuable asset of the company.

Wait till all the cargoes are loaded at the back of your truck. Once all the cargoes are loaded, drive your truck as fast as you can till you reach the finish line. You need to go as fast as you can since this game has a time limit. Try to limit the amount of cargoes that you lose along the way as you need to be able to save enough cargoes for you to proceed to the next level. You would see the required number of cargoes at the beginning of every level.