12 Wheeler

One of the most hardest job in the world is being a truck driver since driving a 12 wheeler will take more than physical strength. You will need a sound mind as you will have to drive on the road for more than 8 hours and that will take a toll on your body and mind as you drive across from one place to another. And not all the road that you will drive your truck has a smooth road. Some roads are rocky and is broken. In fact, some roads are built over mountains that will give you a bumpy ride. You will feel the effect on your back as drive a long time. Even if you are sitting, your body feels the intensity of driving.

Wait till all the cargoes are loaded at the back of your truck before driving the truck as fast as possible. You would need to get to your destination before the time expires. The road ahead won’t be easy as the path that you are heading are full of mountains. Try not to drop any of the cargo, but should you drop some cargoes along the way. Remember that you only need to deliver the required number of cargo to get pass a level.