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18 Wheeler 3D

As one of the newly truck driver, you know that you need to impress the boss or you will be fired instantly. Fortunately, the company is big and your employer has sent you in an academy, where you can further hone your skills. The instructor has given you some instructions and you know that you need to follow as it is. Any employer will be mad if they see a scratch on their vehicle, which would be the first rule that you need to master of it would be your hide. The second would be the time as you need to be prompt with your commitments.

As soon as the instructions are laid out, you need to drive your truck to the parking space. don't worry about not being able to find it as there will be an arrow pointing you to the right direction. Maneuver your truck to the parking space and carefully park it in the right spot. Make sure that you won't hit anything as that will instantly end the game. Park your truck as fast as possible since this game has a time limit. The environment that you are in is in 3D, so it will be harder than most of the truck games that you have tried before.