18 Wheeler Heavy Cargo

Driving a truck is no joke since its body is very big. Maneuvering it through highways would be harder than any car. If you can see a truck being driven, you would notice that the driver don't want to rush in since it would be dangerous. Doing that might put him or others in trouble. Now, if you are driving a bigger truck then things would be more dangerous than a normal truck. Think of a 18 wheeler truck and you might not be as confident as you were before to drive a truck. Thinking that it would be easy would be stupid since these kind of vehicles are the hardest vehicles to control.

In this game, you will be driving an 18 wheeler with a truck at its back. On top of the small truck are the cargoes that you need to deliver to the destination. No, you can't drive at top speed since you might loss the cargo and possible crash the small truck. The idea here is to deliver the right amount of car go indicated at the upper portion of the screen. Once, you are able to meet the demand then you can proceed to the next level. The game will be harder and harder as you make some progress.