18 Wheeler in Traffic

Traffic is really a hassle and even if you are a skilled driver, you won't be amused with it. Traffic make it harder for the most skilled driver to get to where he needed to be in time. That is why; you need to include the traffic to your time schedule or you will surely arrive late on your meetings.

to think that traffic makes hard for car driver to get by. What more if you are driving an 18 wheeler. With bigger wheels, you will be dealing with the problem of hard to maneuver since its body is way too big.

In this game, you need to deal with traffic and you have no choice, but you need to be patient all the time. Remember that being patient has its virtue. The idea here is to maneuver your truck all the way to the parking space. As if maneuvering your truck won't be hard enough, you will also be dealing with cars on the driveway. As you progress, expect things will be harder. You can also unlock better truck as you go further in the game. There are no time limits in the game. The timer is just to to see how fast you can park your truck.