18 Wheels Driver 2

Drive your truck through all the traffic and see to it that nothing will stop you. That is what most driver would want to do, but the truth is that you can't do it since you know how dangerous the road can get. Besides, you would get an accident and you might also get hurt. If everything is just easy then rich guys wouldn't get their own driver anymore. The fact that they are hiring private drivers mean that they need someone capable of handling vehicles right. These guys are experts and the car owner knows that they can rely on them.

In case of a truck driver, companies know their capability and they rely on the driver's abilities to get their cargoes through the traffic. Driving a truck is far harder than just driving a car since the truck has a huge body, making it harder to maneuver.

In this game, you would need to maneuver a truck through the highway. Like any normal road, you would need to be aware of your environment since you share it with pedestrians and other vehicles. Fortunately, both pedestrians and other vehicles would stop if they get too close to the truck. The game doesn't have a time frame, but parking your truck as fast as possible would help you to earn more points.