18 Wheels Driver 3

A truck driver has s tough job since his job is not only physically tiring, but also mentally tiring as well. On the road, you need to constantly aware of your surrounding as an accident is bound to happen when your mind is somewhere else. If you don't know how physically tiring driving is then you haven't tried driving a vehicle for sure. That is why you need to be physically fit because all those bumps that your truck is taking would take a toll on your body in the long run. Especially, since you are driving a truck. Its big body is hard to maneuver and only a fit guy can handle that. If you see some truck driver then you would notice that these guys are huge.

Drive your truck as fast as you can till you reach the destination point. But don't forget about safety precautions because you would surely get an accident if you are a reckless driver. When you get to your destination then carefully park the truck at the parking space provided for your truck. The game got no time limit, but you would surely need to park as fast as you can for more points.