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18 Wheels Driver

Parking is no joke since we might get an accident if we aren't careful enough. Any sane person would not dream of having an accident. That is why, they are always aware of their surroundings when parking. They need to make sure that they won't anything while parking. Now, the dangers double when it comes to heavy trucks since it got a huge body. It would be difficult for a driver to park a vehicle that is that huge. Now, if you add a trailer to it then the danger would be triple since trailer makes it even harder for you to control it.

Maneuver your truck to the parking space without hitting anything along the way. You need to do it as fast as you can. During the first few levels, you would only need to park the truck itself, but as you move further in the game, you would need to drive the truck together with its trailer attached to it. As you drive always remember some safety precautions, so you won't damage your truck. Remember to park your truck the right way or you won't proceed to the next level at all. The damage on your truck resets every time you start with a new level.