3D Truck in the Woods

Driving a truck is always a challenge as it difficult to maneuver wherever you are in. But, driving a truck in a wood would impractical and might even be stupid since it would have got caught on trees even if it doesn't turn. And we won't see any driver doing that for a sane reason. Perhaps a light vehicle can be driven like an ATV or motorbike, but a big vehicle wouldn't be fit to be driven in the woods. There is absolutely no way that any sane man would have driven even a car in the woods.

Fortunately, anything is possible in a game as you can do anything with it. There are no boundaries when it come to a game, as it can only be with the imagination. Drive your truck as fast as you can till you get to the finish line. Grab some clock to prolong the time limit while coins enables you to upgrade your truck. You can't finish the game in one play, so collect as much money as you can while you are playing.Upgrading would help big time in this game as it would help you to go further.