4 Wheels Madness

Perhaps you haven't' seen a monster truck yet. It is probably, that you don't go out in the city. These truck are mostly seen in the mountains since the terrain are just right for them. It is rare for a monster truck to spend time in the city, but you can see them in some car stunts. A mere sight of these trucks will let you know, why they call it a monster truck. It is said, that these truck causes some accidents on the road because other car owners are panicking upon seeing these trucks on the road. Fortunately, for us that they don’t run around in the city or there will be lots of accident.

However, in this game, you will be driving the truck in the city to cause havoc. The idea here is to crash as many cars as possible, but each level has different mission. At least, it won’t hurt to crash some cars since that will give you better score. Grab those green bucks for more points and stay away from those red ones because that will deduct your points. Grab the wrench on the road, but there is also the opposite of that, which is the alien.