4X4 Classic Transporter

Delivering goods is a hard business since there is always a risk of losing some of the cargo. You need to ensure the client that the cargoes will be good as delivered and that means that you will be taking care of it. If you lose some of the cargoes then they would be blaming you for it. Sometimes, you need to replace it or pay or pay for it. Whichever case you choose, you end up losing money. If you won't be willing to replace or pay for it, then so you think that you will last long in the business. Surely, they will tell their experience to other clients and you will lose other clients in the process.

In this game, you will experience how hard it is to drive a truck that is attached to a trailer. Your goal is to deliver the required number of cargoes to the destination. The road is not smooth at all and you are in for a bumpy ride with the road going from one mountain to another. This game has a time limit and you need to arrive to the destination point before the time expires. The game gets harder and harder as you make some progress.