4X4 Classics Transporter

For you driving a truck is an everyday stuff for you and that is nothing. You have been doing it for years that you felt like the truck is just part of you, so making those quick delivery on your pickup truck is no hassle anymore as you master the art of driving with cargoes. But, there would be a day, when you need to deliver more cargoes than you can handle. And since, your truck can only carry a few cargoes, your option would be to attach a trailer at the back. In this case, you would need to attach two trailers to accommodate all the cargoes.

Basically, that is the situation you are in this game. You need to make sure that you are able to reach the finish line with the required number of cargoes. This game has a time limit, but driving too fast would be disastrous as it would not only result to accident, but you might also lose some of your cargoes. Your best bet is to drive with safety in mind, but you also need to consider the amount of time you still have. The game gets more challenging as you make some progress.