4X4 Tractor Challenge

Driving a tractor is just like driving a truck since it is almost as big as most truck. It would be hard to maneuver due to its size. However, if you live in a farm then you don't have much of a choice since you need the money to buy for other things. You can't waste it just to buy a truck or any other vehicle. Besides, a tractor is not only use for tilling the land, but also a sort of transportation for the harvest and even for people. Why would you want to buy other vehicles just to show off when most of your friends are using the same?

In this game, you are going to use the tractor to deliver something to its destination. However, you won't know how many you need to deliver. You would only know it after you reach the finish line. Drive as fast or as slow as you want to till you reach the finish line. Try not to lose any of the cargo since you don't know how many of the cargoes needed to be able to unlock the next level. Maintain some distance between the tractor and the trailer as a collision between the two damages the tractor.