6th Racer

Everybody can brag, but not everyone can drive because driving is a skill itself. Some people just brag about their driving skills, yet they don't have the actual skill. If you want to know how to drive then you need to admit that you don't know about it first before you can start learning. However, if you want to take part of a race then it would take more than just knowing how to drive since you would need to take your skills to the extreme. That is what, you need to do in order to win a race since the other drivers are all professional and they would do all the necessary things to win the game.

The game is name that way since there are six racers in each level and you would want to be the first one to cross the finish line to win the game. Expect that things would be much harder as you move from one level to another. Being a racer is tougher than just being a driver, so would need all the things that you learn as a driver and take it to the extreme. This is a competition and you need to win the race.