Life is hard, but we ain't seen nothing yet as there are more harder than what we are seeing. It is important to keep our heads up and keep moving forward. That is the general rule.

Life as a truck driver is really hard, but that is nothing if you are driving monster truck. You can expect lots of broken parts, so you need to keep on changing them regularly. However, those parts doesn't come for free. You need to participate in some stunts for you to be able to afford the parts for your truck. Of course, you can buy anything with the money, but you need to allocate most of the money to your truck since that is where you get paid for.

The idea in this 3D game is to do some stunts. Grab as many coins as you can and try to do some stunts while you are way up in the air. Your truck will get beaten, so prepare some money to buy some new parts. Since you won't be able to get a new part in the first few levels, you will be given a free part, but that is the most basic and don't include some special capabilities with it.