Afterburner Highway

No one would want to crash to another vehicles when driving since that would not only hurt the driver, but would damage the car. It would be pretty stupid if someone would do that for no apparent reason. Unless, you are really angry at the driver of the other vehicle. Nevertheless, you would also put your life in danger if you do that. Even in those racing events, where you would see a lot of those crashes. Those drivers never want any accident, but it just happen even if they don't want it because they are driving their cars very fast that they can't control it anymore.

In this game, you don't want any accident since that would delay your time a few bits. If you can't go to the finish line within the minimum time frame then you failed the game. You can't advance to the next level. If you want to avoid colliding with other cars on the race then you could either jump over them or just avoid them. Either way would be good since you won't be colliding with any of the other cars. The game would be much more dangerous and more exciting as you make some progress.