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Airport Bus Parking 2

The plane just arrive at the airport today and there are lots of passenger. They need a transportation out of the airport that would take them to the city. A car can't do the job, simply because it can only hold a few people. What they need is a bus to be able to accommodate most of the people that needs some transportation vehicle. Sure, there are taxis in the area, but the airport personnel aren't sure if that would be safe for their passengers. The airport don't want to leave a bad impression to the people that traveling aren't safe. If that happens, then there would be less passengers and they would get bankrupt someday.

The idea here is to deliver the passenger to their destination, but first you need to pick them up. Once, you have done that then you need to drive the passengers to a new location. There is a time limit in this game, so you need to hurry up. The game would be harder as you make some progress. This game would not be as easy as the other parking games you have tried because the bus is not that easy to drive compared to a car. It is too bulky that it would be easy for it to hit something while you are driving.