Ambulance Madnesses

Johnny had been a race car driver most of his life, but that was the past and now, he is out of work. He live in the street and is homeless. He doesn't have a job and can't feed himself. If only, he can find a job then he would surely fix his life. After several tries, he manages to land a job as a driver for an ambulance van. He knows that he could fix his life with this job, but he need to prove to his immediate supervisor that they got the right man for the job.

Drive your vehicle as fast as you can as the patient badly needs some treatment. You can do this manually, but once the automatic drive is full you can let it drive the ambulance by itself. Once, you get to the patient, you are not home free as you need to give the patient some first aid treatment. You need to be quick or you might lose the patient. Upon successfully treating the patient, you can drive the patient to the hospital. Avoid colliding with another vehicle on the road as that would damage your van. Remember that this game has a time limit and you lose if you can't return to the hospital on the given time period.