Ambulance Truck Driver

The hospital is where we need to go if we are sick or badly wounded. That will be the best way to cure yourself. However, there are times when we can't just go there since we just can't for health reasons. And in those times, we call in the ambulance to deliver us to the hospital. The ambulance delivers client to the hospital and the driver gets paid based on the health insurance. If the patient somehow got some accident during the transportation, it will come out of the insurance and the driver gets less. That is why; the driver needs to make sure that no harm comes to the patient, even though he is driving the truck at top speed.

Drive your ambulance as fast as you can till you reach the finish line. No one tells you that this would be easy since the road ahead is difficult that you think it is. That is the challenge of the game. Besides, those challenges are real and it you want to do it in the real world, you gotta know what is awaiting you. Once you get to the house of the patient, you need to wait till the patient is loaded at the back then you can drive the truck as fast as you can. However, you need to remember that no harm should come to the patient while on the road. If you get the patient to the hospital safely then you get paid. You can use the money to buy some upgrades for your truck.