Angry Bird Transport

The piggies and the birds has been at war for a long time. Of course, the dominant race is the birds and now that most of the pigs are aught, they would be sent to jail where they would spend their time. Hopefully during those time, these piggies would somehow reformed and lead a quiet life. The birds believe that the piggies would learn to live in harmony along with the other species. As one of the birds, you have been chosen to transport the captured piggies to the jail where they would spend their days. It is your job to make sure that none of them escape while you are transporting them.

In this game, you need to drive the captured piggies to the jail. Make sure that none of the piggies would fall out form your truck because each piggies would be paid upon delivery. You can use the money to buy a better truck that would be use to deliver more piggies. As you make some progress, there would be more piggies to transport. Of course, you can't go to the next level if you can't transport at least the desired number of piggies. The number of piggies to deliver increases as you make some progress.