Angry Birds Transport Game

The piggies are very greedy and they want all things to belong to them. The birds are quite modest with what they could do and they would want to keep everything in control. When the two races first met, the birds thought that they could be friends. The piggies are retarded and goes to war to get all the birds out of their way. The birds were pushed to their limits and now they decided to get into war since they piggies want war. Since then, the two tribes are at war and they would do want to eradicate the each other.

The two clans were bred and raised different, while the piggies want war, the birds still want peace. However, the birds would never back out from the fight and eventually, they have proven that they are superior to the pigs in every way. Well, at least, they’re able to conquer the piggies and peace was restored to the place. But, they knew that the piggies would eventually go to war, so they send them to prison for manual labors. Now, the birds want every last pig that they captured in jail where they could do no harm anymore.

No, you aren’t going to war in this game since this is a truck delivery game. All you need is to transport the piggies safely to the prison. However, be aware that there are dangers waiting for you as the road ahead would not be safe to be driven. At least, not safe for you since the piggies would escape from it. For every piggies you transported to prison you would earn money. If you can’t transport enough pigs to the prison then you are going to fail the game. Remember that you can buy some upgrade with the money that you already have.