Angry Birds Transport

The birds had been living in peace for a long time, but when the pigs came to town, they prey on the poor eggs and the birds got angry. Since then, both parties are at war with one another. Neither one of them would want to conceive. Each one trying to get rid of the other. The war ended and the birds won and they have imprisoned most of the pigs till their county jail is full of those damn piggies that it can't hold anymore. The birds realized that they need to transport some of the piggies to the maximum prison cell, where the piggies won't escape and since there are more rooms there, it would free some of the cells in the county.

Meanwhile, the piggies learned that they are being transported and are planning to escape. Their plan is to use the terrain to their advantage since it would shook the truck and some of the cells would be thrown off-guard. It would be too late for the birds to recover the escape piggies since they have left by the time the birds found out. The piggies would meet with the other remaining piggies in the country and find some way to retaliate.

The idea of this game is to safely deliver the captured piggies to the maximum security prison. But, that won't be easy since the terrain won't make things easy for you. You need to consider going slow or risk to lose some of the piggies. You'll be earning money on each piggies you deliver to the prison cell. You can upgrade your truck when you have enough money for the new truck. You do understand that these trucks would hold more piggies and make transportation more easier for you. The game becomes more challenging as you make some progress.