Angry Harvester

This is a story of an honest truck driver that got pissed off because of the injustice in the society. One day, he snap and converted his truck into a death machine. He was able to kill most of the people, who abused him, but somehow it was not enough. Soon, he was declared as a notorious criminal and now has a bounty on his head. Now, anywhere he go, they got their eye on him. there is no backing down as he needs to survive. He need to keep going as he won't end up in jail as they are shooting on him on the spot. The only way out is to kill everybody.

Your goal into the finish line safely. There are people throwing bombs at you and cops shooting. You need to have timing on your side as you don't want to be bomb. Crush anything on your driveway. However, getting to the finish line won't be easy because of what is stated earlier. You just can't rush in and don't have a plan. Grab as many bone as you can while you are on your way to the finish line. Try not to flip over as that would damage your truck too. Your truck would explode if it takes too much damage.