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Angry Harvesters

The world is not kind at all as you have been getting all the bad stuff. For all you know, you have done nothing wrong to others, but they are doing everything to harm you. Atlas, you are pissed off and promise yourself that you would get revenge somehow. One night, while you are staring at your truck, an idea makes you smile. You would convert the truck into a truck of destruction and would destroy or kill anything or anyone on your path. These would be the best revenge. The world will pay for all what happened in your life.

The game is about total destruction as you would need to destroy or kill anything or anyone on the road. There would be cops trying to destroy the truck, but you would crush them as you pass them. If you don't go faster, then, your truck would surely be destroyed by these cops. This serve as an obstacle to your path as you follow a life of destruction. Grab as many bones that you can collect as that would add to your score. As you make some progress, you would notice that the landscape would be much harder and the number of cops increases.