Animal Truck Game

Everyone on Earth love gifts and not even an animal could resist a gift. For sure, they would be happy to thank you if ever they could speak. That is the first word that comes out of their mouth, but since they can talk, all we hear are the same sound they use to communicate. We might not understand it, but they would be grateful for the generosity that we give. Animals would like to receive a gift from us, but since they can't say it on human words, we won't understand how they feel. Of course, you would not understand what they want to say.

As a truck driver for an animal loving boss, you would drive the truck full of gifts to his love ones. of course, those are animals and they would really appreciate something that resembles them since they do like company. Like us, they need someone and since they are animals, they would love an animal friend to make them happy. Food is not the only way to make them happy as there are a lot of things that could make them happy. Of course, like us, they need food to survive and since most people don't care about them, they concentrate their time on finding food.

In this game, you need to drive the truck as fast or as slow as you want just to make sure that the toys won't fall from the back of your truck. Those curves are dangerous as you might have an accident on the road. You need to control your truck most of the time since the path is dangerous. There is a timer in this game and you need to beat that clock to get to the next level. The number of toys that you are able to deliver to the counting machine would equal to your score.