Animals Truck

Animals can be dangerous and that is why; government wont allow you to have an animal pet except to a dog, cat or some love birds in your house. They know that other than those, some animals can eat, or poison you. Besides, the number of animals in the wilds are dwindling and soon they might become extinct. That is something a worldwide concern nowadays, so it you want some dangerous animal in your home then your only is to get a similar looking toy. That way, you won't get yourself in trouble with the local authorities. Every year countless animal toys are mass produce to satisfy the wants of children all over the world. You work as a truck driver for a toy factory and this year, there is a ever growing number of orders from all over the world. The toys need to be ship from the factory to department stores. And it is your job to make sure these toys reach the department stores.

Wait till the toys are loaded at the back of your truck before stepping on the gas. Drive your truck as fast as possible because this game has a time limit and not getting to the finish line in time would mean game over for you.