Its World War 2, even if you don't like it, you are going to war since the enemies has invaded your home land. You are a reserve officer and you are called to service to defend your country. You can't turn this down or you will head to jail. Since you are one of the few that can drive a tank, you are assigned to drive a tank. When it was reported that some enemy tanks have infiltrated the country, you are sent to destroy them. The job is to seek and destroy those tanks.

Aside from tanks, there will be other vehicles here likes cars and trucks. These vehicles occupy most of the road, but you can't touch them as they are civilians. As much as possible, don't destroy these vehicles. Anyway, you are only allowed a maximum of cars to destroy if you can't help it. Should there be more then the game would be over before you know it. You can only use the missile to destroy the enemy tanks. If you bump it then your tank will crash. Expect that the upcoming levels would be harder than the last level and be prepared for it.