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Apple Shooter Champ

Back in the old days, a champion arrow shooter can shoot an apple placed on the head of another person. Of course, this is a dangerous trick as you can kill your partner instantly. That is why; it is not practice anymore. Besides, who is dumb enough to be on the receiving end knowing that he or she would die in an instant the moment that the shooter made a miscalculation. However, back in those days, they use peasants to be on the receiving end and the peasant has no choice, but to obey. The peasant is compelled to obey, or he would be beheaded instantly.

In this game, this barbaric game is revive and the idea is the same as before. You need to shoot the apple off the person. However, to make things even more exciting, you would be shooting the apple that is on top of your girlfriend. You won't run out of arrows here, but the dangerous part is still killing your girlfriend. Each time you kill your girlfriend, you lose a life. Of course, the good thing is that you would advance to the next level once you hit the apple. You would be placed further and further as you progress in the game.