Apple Shooter

In the old days, you know that someone is a sharp shooter if he can shoot an apple placed over your head. However, this is dangerous because one guy might day if the shooter makes a miscalculation. So many people have died because the other guy isn't as accurate as he said he is. Now, no one will put their lives on just you can say that you are a sharpshooter. Even if, you are a sharpshooter, no one would have the guts to do that anymore as they want to have a life of their own and putting their lives in danger won't help them to achieve that.

This game lets you enjoy the age long practice back the time of Robin Hood was still around. The game can only be played via mouse and you need to shoot the apple place over your friend's head. If you miss and didn't hit your friend then the game continues. However, if you kill your friend then you can't expect to go on. You start with 10 meters, adding another 10 meters each time you make some progress. There is no hurry, so take the time and try to assess the situation first.