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Around the World Parking 2

Parking a car is no easy task as you need to look on both sides to see if there are cars on one side. You would not want to put a dent on your car as that would mean that you need to get a pain job. That would cost money and money is something that you don't earn easily. You work all day just to make a few bucks then all of a sudden it would be gone without you enjoying much of it. Clearly, you need some skills if you ever want to park your car safely and that is something that you could only gain if you are going to practice for it. A skill can't be earned if you are not going to take a risk. There would be time that you might have to put yourself in danger, but luckily, you don't need to do that just to learn to drive.

The idea in this game is to park your car several times. However, that won't be easy especially since there are moving cars on the road. You don't want that to hit your car as that would damage the car. Your car can't take more of it as it can't be use anymore.