Art of War

You superior sent you on a mission to get the supplies dropped at the enemy lines. Try to eliminate the enemies as you push through. The enemies will not stop at firing so you need to eliminate them quickly. That is the situation; you are going to went through the moment that you become a soldier. Well, at least, when you are assigned to countries that are at war. Most of these countries are safe haven for terrorists, so you can imagine how dangerous your life will be once you are assigned there. You need to be vigilant at all times for you to survive in such harsh environment.

Drive your truck as fast as possible. Eliminate any threat that comes your way. You need to shoot the enemies first before they can even shoot you. Don’t worry, if you are life are slowly decreasing as there are health packs being drop from an airplane. You need to shoo the health packs to use it. Your ammo is unlimited, so use it to its full extent. Just shoot the enemies till they are gone to ensure your safety. Your goal is to reach the camp safely. The game become much harder as you progress in the game.