Awesome Truck Parking

We all know that parking a car and maneuvering it on tight spot would not be easy since it is dangerous and one mistake is all it takes for you to be sent to the hospital or to your grave. That is why; whenever you are on the road, you need to practice some safety precautions as that would make sure that you would not be in danger whenever you are driving a vehicle. However, things like these won't be enough if you are going to drive a truck since it is way bigger and is definitely hard to control compared to that of a normal vehicles that you usually see on the road.

On this game, you would be driving a truck and that means that you would need to be extra careful whenever driving since it is harder to control compared to a normal vehicle. The idea here is to get all the coins then you need to park the truck to the parking slot, but that won't be easy. You would need to collect the coins in sequence. After that, you can park your truck and head on to the next level. The game gets harder and more challenging as you make some progress.