Baby Ada Delivery

Times are tough and everyone knows that. That is why; some teens are working part time to be able to raise money for their tuition. But, some of the would be earners are too young as they are just children that want to earn money even at a young age. Take Baby Ada for instance, she is just a baby and no one wants her to work, but she is insisting that she want to work. She got hired as a truck driver and we know that is hard work. Aside from the fact that the cargoes are heavy for his size, she also needs to make sure that it would reach the destination in good condition. There value depreciated if the condition is not good.

Load the cargoes at the back of your truck. You need to do this as fast as you can since it has a time limit and that is the only time you need to use to setting these cargoes on the truck. When the time is over, you need to drive the truck as fast as possible without letting the cargoes fallout of the truck. Your score depends on the value of the cargoes and the time it takes for you to take the cargoes into its destination.