Barbie Parking

Barbie likes driving his new pink car and this is why, she need to know how to properly park her car. She just recently bought her car, so you can't expect her to be good at parking her car. She would need some help before she can be good at parking. It is fortunate that you showed up close there, so you can teach her to park her car properly. Owning a car for several months now, you are an expert at parking your car and this is your chance to impress one of the most beautiful babes in your area.

The game is played both with a mouse and a keyboard. You need to figure out how to place the shapes blocking the way or Barbie might not be able to reach and park the car in the parking area. After placing the shapes to its rightful place, you can now hit the gas and let Barbie go to the parking area on her own. You need to properly place it or Barbie can't go near the parking space. Sure, it looks easy at first, but overtime, you would find it challenging. The game gets even more challenging as you make some progress.