Barts Factory Truck

All of us need to stand on our feet when the time come. We can't always rely on our parent and that is why we need to get a job. Getting a job is not easy, but it is something that we need to feed ourselves and the people we love. Like any of us, Bart would look for a job to stand up for his own. Fortunately, he found one as a factory truck driver and his job is to deliver the finish product to the supermarkets. He need to do it right every time or he can't keep his job.

Wait for all the cargoes to be loaded at the back of your truck. When you see the green lights, it means that all the cargoes are now loaded at the back of the truck and you are free to go. Step on the gas and try to reach the destination point as fast as you can. However, that doesn't mean that you should not practice safety precautions. Always practice safety precautions whenever driving since driving could be dangerous and you might end up crashing and losing your cargoes. You can only proceed to the next level if you are able to deliver the minimum numbers of cargoes to its destination.