Basketball Court Parking

You used to be one of the best basketball players when you were younger, but, nowadays, you can't shoot a single ball to the ring. You lost your touch and you need to practice once more if you want to get back at playing basketball. While you were hard at training, one of your friends shows up and challenges you to bring your A game back. Of course, this means that you need to travel and challenge most of the younger players in your area. That would surely bump up your skill level to its playing game. And this would be your ticket to the NBA and get back at playing at the national level.

No, this game is not about playing basketball though it has some kind of playing ball in it. It is mostly about your driving skills as you need to drive all the way to the basketball area. Before you can play basketball, you need to pick up all the basketball in an area. You do understand that you need to make sure that you won't hit a single thing since that would damage your jeep. The game has a time limit, so check your time and make sure that you can make it on time.