Batman Monster Truck Challenge

Evil doers beware since Batman is patrolling the area and he would never stop on doing that as long as the city is under threat. The threat to the city never stops and would be even heightened. Batman has committed all of his life to fighting crime since his parents died because of a crime being committed in front of them. They got show and there was no one to help them. The culprit still roams the city to this day, but little Bruce would not let anyone to suffer the same fate anymore as he now dons the cape of the cape crusader.

He might not be as strong as Superman, but he got a lot of cool gadgets since he is super rich. He use all of this gadget to make sure that the city would be safe from al evil doers. Among his favorite is the bat truck since that is what he often use in patrolling Gotham city at night. Using the truck, he makes sure that none of those evil dower would be free to roam the city at night. He knows that he could rely at the police during the day. Besides, he would need to rest sometimes. He can still be exhausted even if he got some special training.

In this game, the idea is to get to the finish line as fast as you can. Make sure that your truck wont’ crash as you try to get to the finish line. There are no items to help you get through, but you can do and finish this game with just pure driving skills. Actually, the race course is something that you won’t see in the real world. It would be hard to drive a vehicle in this course, but you can get by if you know how to control the truck well. The game gets harder and challenging as you make some progress.