Battle Buggy

A war is something that most people wouldn't like to happen, but other people would like it since they will make money during these times. These guys manufacture weapons and with a war going on, for sure, they will get lots of orders coming in.

In a war that is going on right now. Only one thing is certain and that is the one that has the numbers will win the war. At least, that was how things goes during the old days, but with the technology era, things are going to change. Fortunately, your country holds one of the most advance vehicle in the world.

This game is non-stop, which that you will need to keep fighting. There will be no levels or breaks. You can upgrade as often as you want, as long as you have skill points. The number of enemies will double or triple in the right time and that is why; you would need t upgrade as often as you want. First thing that should be on your list is the armor since there will be lots of enemies that will be shooting you. You need that to be able to last long. Now, next should be the arsenal since there will be lots of enemies.