Bear Truck

Bears feed on both plants and animals. They need to fatten up to prepare for the winter season. They would need the fats in their body to survive the long winter season. For several months, they go on hibernation because they can't take the cold. Its nature taking place and you won't see a single bear on the mountain during the winter season, but one bear proves that wrong as this bear seems to be hyperactive. In fact, he is driving a truck of his own and this is unnatural. But, soon, he would go on hibernation as he is driving to stack up for the winter months too.

The idea here is to get to the finish line in the least possible time. Drive as fast as you can till you reach the finish line not because the game ends if you didn't reach it on time, but rather, it has something to do with the dwindling bonus points every seconds. Getting to the finish line in as fast as you can is not a requirement in this game. Grab some stars for more points along the way. Try to maintain your balance all the time, so your truck won't flip.