Ben 10: Milk Truck

Being a kid gives you the right to play all day, but as you grow older, you learn some responsibility. As we become adults, we need to find a job to sustain not only ourselves, but also the family. This is something that everyone needs to endure. Like everyone else, Ben do need to find a job. Fortunately, his parent left him with an old truck, to which he can use to deliver some milk from one destination to another. He don't have a cow right now, but he don't need to since he can buy milk at bulk rate and sell it at a higher price.

Drive the truck as fast as you can, but try to remember some safety precautions whenever driving as that would keep you safe. You don't want to lose some milk along the way or worst, you might end up crashing your truck. The road ahead is tricky and is dangerous, so try to balance your truck at all times to avoid accidents on the road. You need to get to the checkpoint at the time schedule. If you manage to get to the checkpoint then you only need to repeat from the last checkpoint if your truck crashes.