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Ben 10 Road Rage

Ben has been known to be one of the strongest heroes all over the galaxy. This is attributed to his Omnitrix, which can transform him into more than 10 different aliens. With such watch, he is able to use the power of different aliens not only for the good of the world, but also the alien race. Though, he likes challenges, he is never known to be hot-headed and would make a scene in an instant. He sure likes the attention, but creating havoc is not his style.

No one knows the reason, but he suddenly road his truck and went on crushing everything on his sight. Even his friends don't know the reason, but they would surely want to know when they catches Ben.

Too bad, you are the crazy Ben in this game and the idea here is to drive as fast as you can till you reach the finish line. The road ahead is like from the circus since there are lots of ramps and cliffs. If yo fall in the cliff then the game is over. Collect as many orbs as you can since it can be use to buy a better vehicle.