Ben 10: Truck Rivals

Do you think that heroes can’t have some fun? Where did you get that idea? They are the same as we are. The fact that they sacrifice their own selves to help others doesn’t mean that they don’t know how to have some fun. Sometimes we need some recr4eational activities for anything that we do since that would help us to become a better person. Seriously, these guys also need that since they endangered themselves to save us. Being a hero doesn’t have something to do with a hero as all of us want to compete. Heroes do have the right to enjoy themselves after all.

Ben might be the holder of the Omnitrix and can transform into more than 10 different aliens at a time, but he do need some buddies in his life. Those are the people that who you hang up with. It doesn’t have to be who you are or where you are from. As long as you can dig it then you would be part of a group. Of course, you need to enjoy what they does to hang with them. And because Ben hangs in with aliens most of the time, it is hard for him to make some human friends. Most of his friends are aliens and they don’t care who Ben is. What is important is that they share common likes. Ben likes to fight and drive some trucks, so he hangs with the likes.

In this game, the idea is to win the race. If you can’t win it and only manage to get a second spot then you can’t unlock the new level. You need to win it first hand to be able to do that. Sometimes it takes a lot of tries before you can ever do that. Collect some energy balls as you would need that to better your performance.