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Ben 10: Xtreme Truck

When Ben got his Omnitrix, he become powerful since he is able to transform into more than 10 different at a time. With this power, he is able to help the weak and the oppressed. In short, he become a superhero and got known in several world. With his popularity, there also comes those who are envious of his popularity and this is the reason why he got hated by some. Fortunately, our hero is someone that never bother with that kind of people and he continued on with his life. In time, he found out that there is more to it than fighting so he look for a job and manage to find one.

With the help of his friend, he got a job as a truck driver and his job is to deliver several things from one area to another. IN time, he found a fulfilling job in the form of a monster truck driver. This is fulfiling for him since it means that he don’t have to transform just to fight those alien bats. It is his job to get rid of them and he doesn’t need to transform into an alien to do that anymore. He can just use his truck since it has a force field that would enable him to protect it.

The idea of this game is to get to the finish line with your life intack. You need to use your force filed to be able to protect yourself from alien bats, but it won’t protect you from falling. You need to drive with care in mind so that you can get to the finish line safely. The game gets more intense and challenging so if you are not able to meet the challenge then you might not be able to succeed in this game. Do you think that you are ready for this game?