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Big Rig Truck Stop Parking

Driving is no joke and you can tell that parking a vehicle is even harder than that. Most accidents occur in the parking area not because the driver doesn't know how to park, but because he got too confident with his skill. He tend to neglect the dangers associated in parking.

Parking a car in a tight spot is already a problem, but that is nothing compared to parking a truck. A truck has a massive body, which is hard to maneuver in such tight spot. Most truck driver won't dare to park their truck in a tight spot for obvious reason. These guys have a lot of experience, so they are just looking for a large open space to park their truck. That is the logical thing to do instead of trying to fit your truck in a tight spot.

However, in this game, you won't have that kind of luxury as the game doesn't give you an option to go look for larger space. The idea of this game is to park as many truck as you can within the given time frame. There are no levels in this game as this is done continuously. Try t park as many truck as you can before the time expires.