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Big Trash Roundup

The biggest trash collector worldwide has hired you as one of its employee, or should I say truck driver. Guess, what you need to collect those trash so the trash company could maintain their name to its clients. Don't worry about the incentives because, this company treats its employee like a real family member. Just make sure that you do your job well and they will take care of the rest. The job won't be easy and it would be smelly, but it is better to smell bad than to lose a job. The smell is the only thing that you need to endure in this kind of job, but the pay is great and this would be a great bread and butter.

The idea of this game is to collect the garbage. The control are a little different than most truck game that you ever play before, but it is easy to get used to. Drive your truck as fast as you can and collect the garbage as you drive. Some are falling from the sky and others are simply lying on the ground. Anyway, more trash means more money for you since you can sell this trash and make some cash with it. You can use the money to buy some upgrades.