Big Wheels Trial

One of the best way to learn something is to try them immediately. For sure, you are going to do some mistake, but that is where you would learn something. If you want to drive a car then go out and try it. But, it is not advisable to learn it on your own since you might have an accident. On the road, you need to be vigilant and that is where someone who knows what they are doing would come in handy. You got someone to help you bail out of tough spot. It would be appropriate to learn it form a friend or from one of your siblings. They would not risk your life and they can be trusted. Of course, if you got the money then just go to the nearest driving school and learn from there.

However, if you are thinking of driving truck then you can’t do that since you would not have the proper license to drive it. Driving license for a truck is much harder to get than an ordinary license. Usually, you do need to get a regular one before you can get your truck license. If you want to drive a monster truck, it would take more than just a license to bail you out of something.

In this game, you would need to drive your truck all the way to the finish line. The road ahead won’t be easy as it is full of debris and mountains. You would need to balance yourself in the truck. Those powerful engine would not be of use to you if you don’t know how to properly balance. The game gets tougher and more challenging as you make some progress. You do have a life bar in this game and if you lose all of it then you lose the game.