Bigfoot Monster Truck

By now, you are sure that a monster truck is the biggest truck that you can see in your entire life. Not only that they are very big, they also got one of the most powerful engine in the world to be able to run very fast. However, you might not think that these trucks can also crash. That the truth, if you aren't going to be careful enough while driving. The big body doesn't mean that it won't crash since its motor are too powerful. It can be driven very fast and that will be the reason for it to get out of control. That is the same reason why you won't see any monster truck in the city. It will just cause some accident on the road.

In this game, you will need to drive the big truck as fast as you can, but you also need to observe some safety precautions because it is very easy for the truck to crash. There are many obstacles on the road that might trigger the crash such as tires, parked cars, cliffs, and a lot more. The game doesn't have a time limit, but you will see the bonus points dwindling each passing second.